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Vinyl resin electrolyzer

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Technical parameters of ALT100200-T vinyl electrolytic cell casting machine

1, the amount of casting: 100-200kg/min

2, the filler particle size ≤ 16mm

3, the maximum amount of casting: 200kg

4, Power: 48KW 3X380V 50HZ

5, compressed air consumption: 0.4 ~ 0.7 Mpa about 100L/min

6, 50L initiator metering device

7, a set of basic color measurement device, 20L storage tank

8, an automatic cleaning device

9, PLC system: flow calibration function, fault alarm, recipe storage, operation equipment operation function 4 menu

10, Resin., Filler (quartz sand, stones, fine powder, etc.), particles, pigments have automatic metering system, initiator system (curing agent, accelerator) injected by the gun, the accuracy of up to 0.01%, 24 hours continuous casting , Computer remote control monitors every aspect of production, system memory, a variety of formulations.

Vinyl resin electrolyzer

Project Introduction

The electrolytic cell is the core equipment for the non-ferrous metal wet smelting production. Its advanced technology directly affects product quality and production efficiency. The vinyl resin monolithic casting cell was successfully invented by a U.S. company in the 1990s and began to be applied in the electrolytic copper production process. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, thin wall and light weight, it saves installation space and has low maintenance and repair costs. With long service life, it has been widely used in the world and promoted to electrolytic processes such as zinc and nickel.

The product structure is novel, the integrity is strong, the wall of the slot is thin, thermal insulation and insulation, no induced current is generated, and the amount of electrolyte and the electric efficiency are improved. In addition, the excellent strength and hardness ensure that the tank body will not be damaged by the impact of the cathode and anode plates, which greatly prolongs the service life of the electrolytic tank. Vinyl ester resin monolithic casting electrolyzer has become an important equipment for the non-ferrous metal smelting electrolysis process with its unique advantages, and gradually replaces the traditional electrolyzer, and is widely used in wet metal smelting industries such as copper, zinc, manganese and nickel.


1) High mechanical strength

The bending strength and compressive strength of ordinary concrete are 4~5MPa and 30~40MPa, respectively, while the flexural strength and compressive strength of vinyl resin concrete can reach 20~25MPa and 120~130MPa, which is 3~4 times that of ordinary concrete. .

2) Excellent corrosion resistance

Vinyl resin concrete electrolytic cell adopts vinyl resin with excellent acid-resistance and high-purity acid-resistant quartz sand aggregate for integral casting and curing, and the overall corrosion resistance is excellent.

3) Excellent insulation performance

Vinyl resin concrete electrolytic cell is integrally molded by using vinyl resin concrete with excellent insulation properties (the maximum volume resistivity of ordinary reinforced concrete is 105Ω·CM, and the volume resistivity of vinyl resin concrete is up to 1012Ω·CM), and the overall insulation performance Excellent, there is no leakage of current from the tank, eliminating the need for insulating gaskets used in traditional electrolytic cell installations;

4) Good dimensional stability

The dimensional stability of the electrolytic cell includes the dimensional accuracy and the deformation of the tank during use. The vinyl resin concrete electrolytic cell adopts a special steel mold for integral molding and one-time molding. The dimensional accuracy can be controlled within ±3mm deviation.

5) No environmental pollution

The vinyl resin concrete electrolytic cell is integrally molded by vinyl resin concrete with excellent corrosion resistance, and has excellent characteristics of overall corrosion resistance and permeation resistance, and the electrolyte is difficult to be infiltrated from the tank body. Therefore, there is no production caused by electrolyte leakage. With environmental pollution, the tanks that have been replaced can be reused after being crushed and sieved, and solid wastes will not be formed.

6) Long service life

The service life of the reinforced concrete cement lining FRP electrolyzer is generally 5 years. With the improvement of the quality of the resin used to make the FRP liner and the frequent and timely repair during the use, it can be extended to about 10 years. The service life of the vinyl resin concrete electrolytic cell is about twice that of the reinforced concrete cement lined with glass steel electrolyzers, and it has been used in engineering applications for more than 20 years in foreign countries.

Product performance

No. Item Indicator

1 Viscosity (250C, MPas) 250~350

2 Gel time (250C) ≧ 3h, ≦ 6h

3 Maximum exothermic peak temperature 100~110

4 Casting line shrinkage 0.05%

5 Casting body tensile strength 76MPa

6 Casting Body Tensile Modulus 3. 2GPa

7 elongation at break 4. 2%

8 bending strength 115M Pa

9 Flexural Modulus 3. 45GPa

10 Notched impact strength 18. 9kJ/m2

11 Heat Deflection Temperature 950C

12 Brinell hardness 33

13 10% NaOH (1000C, 100hr) passed