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Resin concrete drainage ditch

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Technical parameters of ALT-1030 resin concrete drain casting machine

1, the amount of casting: 10-30kg/min

2, filler particle size ≤ 5mm

3, the maximum amount of casting: 30kg

4, power: 18.5KW 3X380V 50HZ

5, compressed air consumption: 0.4 ~ 0.7 Mpa about 100L/min

6, a set of 50L initiator metering device

7, a set of basic color measurement device, 20L storage tank

8, an automatic cleaning device

9, PLC system: flow calibration function, fault alarm, recipe storage, operation equipment operation function 4 menu

10, Resin., Filler (quartz sand, stones, fine powder, etc.), particles, pigments have automatic metering system, initiator system (curing agent, accelerator) injected by the gun, the accuracy of up to 0.01%, 24 hours continuous casting , Computer remote control monitors every aspect of production, system memory, a variety of formulations.

Resin concrete drainage ditch

Project Introduction

This product is a new type of building material mainly used for rainwater drainage. It is made of resin, sand and auxiliary materials. It is an environmental protection and energy saving product. With high compressive strength and bending strength, freeze-thaw resistance, non-corrosive and weathering, easy installation and maintenance, one-piece molding appearance and other advantages.

Products have a variety of specifications, can also be customized according to demand, a wide range of applications, are used: national defense construction, civil construction, urban infrastructure, commercial, industrial site drainage system. For example: ports, airports, railway stations, stadiums, casinos, large plazas, parks, villas, houses, gardens, sidewalks and bicycle lanes, motorized lanes, parking lots, highways, etc.

Product performance

● The material of the drainage channel is resin concrete, which has light weight, anti-aging, stability, frost resistance and chemical resistance, smooth surface, low water absorption and permeability, and strong bearing capacity.

● Compared with the traditional rectangular cross-section drain, its U(V) section can increase the drainage capacity and enhance the self-cleaning function;

● The supporting metal edge can provide better support for the cover plate, facilitate the installation and removal of the cover plate, reduce the movement, and reduce the noise;

● The drainage ditch body itself has a glue injection groove. After the components are connected to each other, a special sealant can be filled in the glue injection groove to ensure 100% water tightness at the joint.

● The cover plate can be divided into three types according to different materials: cast iron, galvanized steel and stainless steel;

● Drainlock has no bolt locking device to facilitate the installation and removal of the drain cover and prevent horizontal movement of the cover plate;

● Bearing level: Drainage: A15~F900, Cover: A15~F900


Point type dice

Cast-in-place drain

Resin finished drain

Carrying capacity

Dynamic load capacity is weak

Dynamic load capacity is weak

Professional calculation and design, static and dynamic load capacity meet standard requirements

Water collection capacity

According to the size of the dice, the amount of water collected is limited


Unique cover water and water retaining design achieve 100% water absorption in a certain area

Drainage capacity

The dark pipe is easy to be blocked, causing poor drainage, resulting in a higher risk of water in the area

The inside of the concrete groove is rough, and it is easy to accumulate garbage, causing poor drainage.

The inner wall of the ditch is smooth, and the water is linearly connected. The drainage efficiency is higher.

Construction slope

The throat is easy to clog, causing poor drainage. Under large flow conditions, the drainage speed is slow and the ground is prone to water accumulation.

It is difficult to excavate under limited height conditions

There are three ways of slope available

Field installation


Requires on-site masonry, long time-consuming processes

The finished product is provided to the construction site and the installation speed is fast. Standardized construction techniques and on-site guidance

product quality

Material is generally composite and cast iron, easily damaged or missing

Grooves, edge guards and covers are provided by different manufacturers, no uniform standards

The entire system is provided by a single manufacturer. The product quality meets the European EN1433 standard and is tested by domestic testing organizations.

Use security


Displacement, collapse, and lack of movement all contribute to unsafe roads

Cover and groove with special locking system provided



Neat and tidy

Beautiful and simple, industrial products are more neat

Garbage cleaning

Difficult, long cleaning time

Cleaning is not clean, garbage is absorbed on the concrete surface

Self-cleaning function with professional garbage collection accessories

Daily maintenance



Minimal maintenance, saving maintenance costs

Chemical corrosion resistance



Excellent, anti-chemical corrosion test report

Energy saving and environmental protection

Environmental protection materials manufacturing, by the National Construction Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center