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Resin casting bus duct

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ALT1020-VA Resin Casting Busbar Casting Machine Technical Parameters

1, the amount of casting: 10-20kg/min

2, filler particle size ≤ 5mm

3, the maximum amount of casting: 20kg

4, Power: 15KW 3X380V 50HZ

5, compressed air consumption: 0.4 ~ 0.7 Mpa about 100L/min

6, a set of 50L initiator metering device

7, a set of basic color measurement device, 20L storage tank

8, an automatic cleaning device

9, PLC system: flow calibration function, fault alarm, recipe storage, operation equipment operation function 4 menu

10, Resin., Filler (quartz sand, stones, fine powder, etc.), particles, pigments have automatic metering system, initiator system (curing agent, accelerator) injected by the gun, the accuracy of up to 0.01%, 24 hours continuous casting , Computer remote control monitors every aspect of production, system memory, a variety of formulations.

Resin casting bus duct

Project Introduction

Modern high-rise buildings and large-scale workshops require huge amounts of electric power. In the face of this huge load, hundreds of ampere-ampere currents are required to use safe and reliable conduction equipment. The busbar system is a good choice.

The busway system is an efficient power distribution device, which is especially suitable for the higher and higher economical wiring of buildings and large-scale factories. .

The characteristics of the busway are series matching, commercial production, small volume, large capacity, short design and construction period, convenient assembly and disassembly, no burning, safe and reliable, and long service life. The busway products are applicable to the three-phase four-wire, three-phase five-wire system power supply and distribution system project with AC 50Hz, rated voltage 380V, rated current 250A-6300A.

All insulated cast bus conductors use copper or aluminum row, and the outer surface of the conductor is made of composite insulating material. The composite insulating material is made of various inert inorganic mineral materials such as epoxy resin and quartz sand, and is precisely formulated according to specific formula and process requirements. Casting, with excellent electrical insulation, mechanical properties and good heat dissipation, and waterproof, fireproof, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion. Suitable for thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, industrial and mining enterprises, commercial buildings and other occasions rated voltage 1 ~ 35KV, maximum rated current 6300A low voltage transmission and distribution systems.


Fire protection:

The composite insulation material is non-combustible and self-extinguishing, low smoke and non-toxic, and satisfies a 750°C 3-hour combustion test. Can be applied to fire safety high demand occasions.


The fully insulated cast bus conductor is integrally cast with composite insulation material. The connection between segments is cast on-site. After the busbars are installed, the system protection class can reach IP68, which can be applied to outdoor harsh environments such as high humidity and cable trenches.

Explosion protection:

The insulation of the integrally cast epoxy resin has a high sealing performance and the insulating parts are exposed to flammable gas.


Resistant to acids and alkalis, oils, and liquids are highly corrosive and resistant to mold. They can be safely operated in long-term, high-contamination and high-corrosion environments.

Overall mechanical strength, good crashworthiness :

The cured composite insulating material has high mechanical strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, and product anti-collision rating up to IK10.

Small size, easy layout and installation:

The fully insulated cast bus has a compact structure, its volume is only 17% of the traditional air-insulated bus, occupying a small space, convenient site layout, the bus has been manufactured before the factory according to the specific requirements of the engineering layout of the corresponding straight section, turn section, T section and disk First class, on-site installation is convenient.

Good heat dissipation, aging resistance, anti-cracking:

The composite insulating material is made of a mixture of various inert inorganic minerals and a small amount of special epoxy resin with the best formula and special process vacuum mixed casting, with high thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation;

The unique composite insulating material formula design ensures that the thermal expansion coefficient of the insulating material is consistent with the conductor and effectively prevents cracking of the insulator.

Product performance

1, the current capacity can be great;

2, the voltage drop is small;

3, short-circuit load ability;

4, high reliability, long service life;

5, high security;

6, the distribution system equipment to increase or change freely;

7, small size;

8, light weight, easy to operate;

9, the connection is very simple (as the connection of water pipes, a section through the three links, elbow and other joints to make it into a system)

10, construction and inspection are simple;

11, has a modern appearance.