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Resin concrete top pipe

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ALT100200-P resin concrete top pipe casting machine technical parameters

1, the amount of casting: 100-200kg/min

2, the filler particle size ≤ 16mm

3, the maximum amount of casting: 200kg

4, Power: 48KW 3X380V 50HZ

5, compressed air consumption: 0.4 ~ 0.7 Mpa about 100L/min

6, 50L initiator metering device

7, a set of basic color measurement device, 20L storage tank

8, an automatic cleaning device

9, PLC system: flow calibration function, fault alarm, recipe storage, operation equipment operation function 4 menu

10, Resin., Filler (quartz sand, stones, fine powder, etc.), particles, pigments have automatic metering system, initiator system (curing agent, accelerator) injected by the gun, the accuracy of up to 0.01%, 24 hours continuous casting , Computer remote control monitors every aspect of production, system memory, a variety of formulations.

Resin concrete top pipe

Project Introduction

The resin concrete pipe (PRCP) is made of unsaturated polyester resin mixed with quartz sand, stone and other materials. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, thin wall, high resistance to external pressure, smooth inner wall, good wear resistance, large load propulsion, excellent impact resistance, suitable for sewage pipe.

Resin-concrete pipelines have been used in Europe and America for 30-50 years, and they are just beginning to be applied in China's municipal engineering projects. They are very promising branches of the resin concrete industry.

At present, the types of sewage pipeline materials have been diversified, and the research, development and application of polyester resin concrete pipes (PRCP) have gradually begun to be widely promoted. They will replace other pipes with their high quality performance and have gradually attracted people's attention. During the development planning, more and more drainage and sewage diversion projects will be carried out, and the market prospect will be bright.


Polyester resin concrete pipe (PRCP) has good heat and cold resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, smooth internal and external surfaces, no scaling, no secondary pollution, and the pipe material is chemically resistant, tight, and properly flexible. Long service life, safe and reliable, combined with good engineering benefits.

The pipe is made of resin concrete mixed with unsaturated polyester resin, curing agent, sand, and stone. Unsaturated polyester resin can greatly increase the acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance of the pipe, and the resin can also increase the inner wall of the pipe. Smoothness, wear resistance and increase the compressive strength of the pipe, so as to fully ensure the strength and rigidity of the product.

Product performance

1, high resistance to external pressure

The buried position of the sewer line is usually deeper than other lines, and the pressure on the sewer line is greater. Therefore, it needs a higher resistance to external pressure. Polyester resin concrete pipe (PRCP) has an external compressive strength of 900kg/cm2 or more.

2, excellent chemical resistance

Polyester resin concrete pipe (PRCP) is a homogeneous material formed by chemical transformation using raw materials such as unsaturated polyester resin mixed sand, stone and hardener, and has the characteristics of excellent acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.

3, durable and not aging

The pipeline is buried in the ground to withstand various loads, and there must be no deformation or material fatigue aging and rupture. The polyester resin concrete pipe (PRCP) has a useful life of more than 30 years, and it is not easy to age and has good durability.

4, the tube wall smooth hydraulic properties

The water level in the pipe is often below the half pipe. The roughness of the pipe wall has a great influence on the hydraulic properties of the pipe flow. Therefore, it is more important to choose a material with a smooth inner wall when the flow is not full. Polyester resin concrete pipes (PRCP) have a very low coefficient of roughness because the resin can increase the smoothness of the inner wall of the pipe.